Jane Campedelli (Vocals, Jacksonville, FL) - Jane has been singing since her teenage years, and continues today with world-wide Sweet Adeline tours and, whenever we can get her, with the GJB. Originally from Massachusetts, Jane sang for many years at the Stickey Wicket with Johnny Sheehan’s Heritage Jazz Band with Jimmy Mazzy, Noel Kaletsky and Scott Philbrick. Jane now resides in Jacksonville, Fl., but we often invite her to Connecticut for special appearances. There's no question about it, she's the best, whether it's belting out "Cake Walking Babies" or "Hard Hearted Hannah", or soothing the fans with "100 Years From Today". She always manages to dazzle the audience and the musicians. Bob Giff has posted a great video from the 2009 Great CT Jazz Festival, showing Jane Campedelli singing "Sailin' Down the Chesapeake" with the GJB.



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