Noel Kaletsky (Clarinet & Sax, Clinton, CT) - Noel, a former Galvanized regular for 26 years, is a full time musician in every sense of the word, plays Jazz festivals throughout the world, works regularly with the Bearcats Jazz Band, and is a featured, guest performer with the GJB, Red Lehr’s St. Louis Rivermen, and Tex Wyndham’s Rent Party Revelers. Often described as an "exciting, versatile soloist with seemingly unlimited endurance", Noel, a former Easy Rider, has performed with the best of them, including an RCA recording with New Orleans veterans, a GHB recording with Wild Bill Davison, and numerous Jazz Crusade recordings. As one reviewer recently remarked about Noel's playing: "This is about as good as it gets". We Agree!


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