Here are a few links to other physics teaching websites:

The SmartScholar Physics Education Resource Guide is an online goldmine. Thanks to Amelia for calling my attention to it!

The Physics Education Technology Website has some neat simulation programs; I especially like the one about simple electric circuits.

The Intuitor Creative Learning Website has sections about nurturing gifted children,good reasons for taking high school physics, a basic physics savvy quiz, a section on chess strategy, a section on "insultingly stupid movie physics", and many other topics of interest.

The University of Maryland has a fine physics education resource site.

Wolfgang Christian has a fascinating Physlets website with downloadable Java applets which display moving diagrams and lend themselves to interactive instruction. For more info visit the Applets Resources site. I particularly liked Melissa Dancy's interactive ray diagram exercises as described in THE PHYSICS TEACHER,Vol 40, November, 2002.

C. Rod Nave of Georgia State University has created a web-based Hypercard physics text. Many thanks to David Wu for correcting that link!

Ron Greene's Physics Illuminations Project (PIP) is a source of web-based conceptual homework with a score-management system.

Nick Frasier has recently posted a very extensive Atomic Physics Resource List with links to many relevant websites all around the world.

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