(Now out of print) Big Feathers Stomp 2009 (GJB 7/11/09) is a live recording of our July 11, 2009 performance in Butch Butterworth's Barn, with Fred Vigorito and Scott Black on cornets, Noel Kaletsky and Russ Whitman on reeds, Tom Artin on trombone, Bill Sinclair on piano, Red Balaban on guitar, Art Hovey on bass and tuba, Bob Bequillard on drums, and Cynthia Fabian's vocals. Butch and Leigh Butterworth have been loyal fans of the Galvanized Jazz Band since the early Millpond years, and even had us perform at their wedding. Since 1992 Butch and Lee have hosted an annual polo party (the “Big Feathers Open”) at their Giant Valley Farm in Hamden, Connecticut. Starting in 1995 they invited the GJB to perform at the BFO, always with extra guest musicians and singers. We have played on their polo field, in their kitchen once when it rained, on their porch, and more recently in a barn. Hay bales are provided for seating, happy guests mill around with drinks in one hand and food in the other; and large dogs circulate freely, picking up the leftovers. This year (July 11, 2009) I finally remembered to bring my digital recorder. At first I thought the recording would just be an unpolished souvenir for Butch and Leigh, but we were soon persuaded to make it available in its present form. Our guests included the noted jazz historian and cornetist Scott Black, (formerly with Leon Redbone) Red Balaban (using Eddie Condon’s personal “porkchop” guitar) trombonist Tom Artin, and Cynthia Fabian, the amazing vocalist from the Blue Lights Jug Band. Noel Kaletsky, our regular clarinetist for many years and now a big star on the jazz festival circuit, was able to re-join us for this occasion, making it a ten-piece band. We hope you enjoy this recording as much as we did in creating it.

Maryland, My Maryland
Everybody Loves My Baby
Walkin' After Midnight
Singin' The Blues
Strange Things are Happening
High Society
Big Butter & Egg Man
Si tu Vois ma Mere
A Good Man is Hard to Find
Star Dust
Promenade aux Champs-Elysees
Saint Philip Street Breakdown
West End Blues
When I Grow Too Old to Dream
This Little Light of Mine
God Bless America

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