REMEMBERING NOEL: Born in 1937, Noel Kaletsky passed away on May 5, 2023. Anyone who ever heard him will remember the excitement that he generated with his clarinet and saxophones. Noel worked with the GJB every Sunday night at the Millpond Tavern in Northford CT for abut 25 years, then another 10 at the ChowderPot in Branford, and then monthly for another 14 years at Aunt Chilada's in Hamden. Jeff Barnhart's beautifully-written and hilarious Tribute to Noel and More about Noel appeared in the July 2023 issue of the Syncopated Times. This CD is is a compilation of performances between 1983 and 1996 by Noel with the Galvanized Jazz Band, illustrating his memorable playing styles. Most of them can be heard on CDs and cassettes previously issued by the GJB, but here they are edited to focus more on Noel. Although he is famous for his blistering tempos as in "China Boy", he could also pour intense emotion into slower numbers such as "Amazing Grace" and "Just For a Thrill". Every track on this CD features Fred Vigorito on cornet, Art Hovey on bass & tuba, and Bob Bequillard on drums. Bill Sinclair is on piano except for two numbers with Merrill Doucette and one with David Paquette. Howard Alden's guitar and Dirck Spicer's vibraphone are heard on two tracks, Joel Schiavone's banjo is heard on several, Gim Burton's is on one, and Jimmy Mazzy's banjo and vocal are on the final track. The trombonists include Tom Artin, Craig Grant, Joel Helleny, Jerry Zigmont, Jim Fryer, and Nick Carella. Even in his final months Noel always showed up with a smile on his face, ready to make us sound exciting. We miss him and will always remember him fondly. All profits from sales of this CD will go to Noel's family.

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High Society (with Merrill Doucette & Tom Artin)
Sweet Georgia Brown (with Howard Alden & Dirck Spicer)
Amazing Grace (with Craig Grant & Joel Helleny)
Saint Philip Street Breakdown (with Sammy Rimington & David Paquette)
Strike Up the Band (with Merrill Doucette, piano)
After You've Gone (sung by Jane Campedelli)
China Boy (with Howard Alden and Dirck Spicer)
Panama (from the 1996 Great CT Jazz Fest)
Shine (with Nick Carella and Noel trading scat fours)
Swing That Music (with Craig Grant)
Just for a Thrill (with Nick Carella's trombone & vocal)
What A Little Moonlight Can Do (with Jane Campedelli)
When Day is Done (sung by Jimmy Mazzy)

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