What would happen if the GJB was offerred a really good gig but nobody but the tuba player could make it? Early in 2018 the Galvanized Jazz Band was asked to fill in for a famous Zydeco band which had backed out of a two-day engagement at the Trinity-Pawling School in upstate New York. For various reasons I was the only member of the GJB available on those dates. So as Morton’s old song says, "I had to look around, and you should see just what I found!" GJB 4/27/018 is a live recording of those performances. (For the background story behind this CD see this Syncopated Times article.) We have always enjoyed the privilege of working with great guest artists, but this time we had more than usual: Dr. John Clark (clarinet and saxophones) made his first jazz festival appearance as a member of one of my early youth bands and now leads Boston's renowned Wolverine Jazz Band. Alex Owen (cornet) was a member of John Clark's youth band at Conneticut College. After graduating he moved to New Orleans and had been thriving there for several years when I invited him back for this gig. Alex now lives in Manhattan. Jim Fryer is one of our favorite guest trombonists, now working regularly in Manhattan with Vince Giordano's Nighthawks. Charlie Freeman (piano) is a long-time member of the Bearcat Jazz Band and a frequent guest with the GJB. Art Hovey has been the GJB's bass and tuba forever and has also organized and taught many youth bands over the years. Molly Sayles (drums) got her start in Art's Sugarfoot youth band and is now a music educator in Connecticut. -We had three generations of musicians who knew what to do and how to do it! Since this engagement was for general audiences rather than traditional jazz fans, and since we had never worked together as a group, we chose to stick with standard repertoire; there are no tunes here that you have not heard before. But the versions on this CD are like none you have ever heard. We gave four different "workshops" for students and a big final concert for the public. Most of the music on this CD is from that concert. To hear sample tracks in MP3 format click on "Original Dixieland One-Step" and "Everybody Loves My Baby" in the tune list below:

Original Dixieland One-Step
Someday You'll Be Sorry
Ain't Misbehavin'
Who's Sorry Now
After You've Gone
Bourbon Street Parade
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Honeysuckle Rose
Dippermouth Blues
Milenburg Joys
Beale Street Blues
Jazz Me Blues
Everybody Loves My Baby
Old Rocking Chair
Fidgety Feet

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