GJB 02-03 is compilation of previously-unissued material recorded live at the Chowderpot in Branford in 2002 and 2003, all utilizing the tuba. (This one compliments our Ellington CD, on which only the upright bass was used.) Regular GJB members on these recordings include Fred Vigorito on cornet, Russ Whitman on clarinet and saxophones, Bill Sinclair on piano, Art Hovey on tuba, Joel Schiavone on banjo, and Bob Bequillard on drums. Featured guests include Herb Gardner, Jim Fryer, Tom Artin, Craig Grant, Nick Carella, Gerard Carelli, and Bob Price. Noel Kaletsky, Neil deFeo, Jay Hickerson, and Rocco Patierno can also be heard briefly on some tracks, and Paul Boehmke is also featured on one.

This CD was reviewed in the Spring 2019 online edition of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association Journal. Part of that review is quoted below:
.... As someone who plays in traditional jazz ensembles, I can appreciate the skill Hovey has to be able to lay down some great bass lines in every tune, as well as play solos that fit into this particular jazz style. Art has developed a high level of skill in bass line performance as well as improvising in a style appropriate for traditional jazz. While it is not uncommon to hear the tuba as a bass line instrument in traditional jazz ensembles, it is more notable that Hovey is given plenty of chances to improvise on the tuba as well. Hovey demonstrates the tuba's full capacity for use in this kind of ensemble and hopefully others will explore his quality work with the Galvanized Jazz Band.
- Daniel Brown - U.S. Army Band ("Pershing's Own)

To hear sample tracks in MP3 format click on "Diga Diga Do" and "I Thought About You" in the tune list below:

Diga Diga Do
I Thought About You
Wild Man Blues
After You've Gone
When I Leave the World Behind
Back to Seattle
I Believe in Miracles
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
I'm Confessin' That I Love You
Midnight in Moscow
Muskrat Ramble
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
Stumblin' All Around
Wrought Iron Rag

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