GJB 6/25/05 (Wrought Iron Rag and Other Gentle Ballads) is a live recording of our 2005 concert at Music Mountain in Falls Village, Connecticut. Our guests at that concert were trombonist Craig Grant, banjo virtuoso Bob Price, and vocalist Jane Campedelli. This is the same gang that performed so well at recent jazz festivals in Florida, Illinois, and Connecticut. Bob Price is featured on San Antonio Rose and Heartaches, Jane is featured on Cakewalkin' Babies, See Your Mama Every Night, Lou-Easy-Ann-I-A, and After You've Gone (as well as our closing theme) and the whole band is featured on the title track and several others. There are fourteen tracks on this CD, each one displaying a different facet of the GJB repertoire. To hear a sample track, click on the blue lettering in the tune list below. This CD is also available from cdbaby.com. You can download two-minute sound clips of each track from that website.

Royal Garden Blues
Cakewalkin' Babies
San Antonio Rose
You Got To See Your Mama
Stevadore Stomp
Lou Easy Ann-I-A
That's A-Plenty
The Tin Roof Blues
Old Grey Bonnet
My Memphis Baby
Wrought Iron Rag
After You've Gone
The Saints & Miss New Orleans

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