Links to Other Tuba-Euphonium Websites

Advice for a young tuba player:

An excellent and informative website about musical acoustics:

Howard Hovey Tuba Day is the first Friday in November on Long Island. is a neat tuba discussion website with something for everyone.

Sean Chisham's TubeNet BBS:

Dave Gannett's TubaGear Website is useful and pretty amazing.

A fine collection of sheet music arranged for tuba and euphonium is available at Peter Opaskar's website, including many arrangements that can be downloaded for free. Arranger Peter Opaskar has been a tuba teacher in the Houston area since 1998 where he uses this material as teaching/learning tools, as performance pieces, and for just plain fun. Peter is dedicated to making famous and popular melodies accessible to low brass players at every level of skill .

In Kansas, Kevin B R Sousa is running a very interesting "blog" with much material about our instruments and history.

Keith Robinson's Tuba4u Website has a collection of free tuba music in PDF format for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

Nicola and Martin Cleave can make custom mouthpieces with rims that fit your face.

Carl Kleinsteuber's Home-Made Tuba Website:

Rick Denny's Tuba Website: Be sure to look at Rick's new sound-spectrum analysis section!

Dr. Fred Young's giant double tuba is described in the Gronitz website.

International Tuba-Euphonium Association Website:

Russ Dickman's Bass Clef Brass website features many excellent downloadable pieces of music for tuba as well as instruments and accessories for sale.

Tuba101 website:

John Szkutko's TubaCentral website is an online Tuba & Euphonium Resource Center.

Dale Hale's Cool Tubas website has some nice photos of his antique instruments, including a pair of hundred-year-old Yorks identical to the one that I recently rebuilt. His are restored to original condition; mine is a little beat-up but sports a brand new Mirafone piston valve set.

The R Jones Brass Resources website is a valuable source for all brass players.

Music Theory Online:

Euphonium Website:

Here's a nice short biography of the great Bill Bell.

World's Largest Tuba?

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