Home-Made Hard Case for my Yorkafone

Inside, bottom half: The tan material is plastic foam cut from a boy scout sleeping mat.

Inside, top half: The pink material is cut from a foam kneeling pad and presses firmly against the bottom bow when the case is closed.

Plunger: This strong plastic device was originally made to be placed over dinner plates in restaurants to retain heat. I fastened some denim cloth around the rim and use it as a trombonist uses a plunger. Then I found that it fits snugly between the bell and the case. (see below) It is lighter than a basketball and seems to work just as well.

Bell & Plunger in case

Lower end in case: The bottom bow is firmly supported by foam material when the case is closed.

Left side in case: The valve tubing and leadpipe do not touch anything when the case is closed!

Case closed & latched: Both latches have elastic hold-down cords to keep them from popping open. (This is important.)

Back Side of case, showing web-belt handles and scuffing from 3 airline trips...

If I avoid packing other stuff in the case with the tuba I can just squeak by the airline weight restriction and check this case as luggage for no extra fee. I also check a small folding hand truck as a second piece of luggage. That way the wheels don't get broken off.

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