Chapter 6 is about Work and Energy.

On pages 57, 58, and 59 we figure out how "work" must be defined, we re-discover how simple machines conserve work, and we figure out how "energy" must be defined.

The Chapter 6 Review Sheet should be started now.

On page 60 we discover potential energy with an experiment involving jumping springs. Page 60c is about using graphing calculators to help with the data. On page 60b there are some exercises for more advanced students.

On pages 61 and 62 we discover kinetic energy and the work-energy theorem. On 61b more advanced students can discover some more interesting stuff about potential energy.

On page 63 there is a ballistic pendulum experiment which ties together most of the concepts recently investigated, including energy and momentum conservation. Page 63R is a writing sample to help students describe their experiments clearly.

On page 64 is about mechanical power. On p. 64b more advanced students can discover a little bit about differentiation.

On pages 65 and 66 are about the damage work done in inelastic collisions.

On pages 65b and 66b are enrichment pages about automotive power and windmills.

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