Physics I Worksheets

Chapter 1, titled "Cause and Effect", is about discovering simple mathematical patterns in the behavior of physical objects, and figuring out ways to describe them.

Chapter 2 is about discovering and describing non-linear patterns in the behavior of physical objects.

Chapter 3 is about vectors.

Chapter 4 is about vector subtraction and all the wonderful things we can do with it.

Chapter 5 is about Newton’s Second Law.

Chapter 6 is about Work and Energy.

Chapter 7 is about motion along curved paths.

Chapter 8 is about simple harmonic motion.

Chapter 9 is about electric circuits.

Chapter 10 is about how the current through a device depends on the voltage across it.

Chapter 11 is about capacitance.

Chapter 12 is about alternating currents.

Chapter 13 is about force fields.

Chapter 14 is about magnetic fields.

Chapter 15 is about magnetic emf.

Chapter 16 is about wave motion.

Chapter 17 is about waves that spread out.

Physics II (Advanced Placement) Worksheets:
(with introduction, brief chapter descriptions, and glossary, all revised in 2013)