Chapter 8 is about Simple Harmonic Motion, or "SHM".

On pages 74, 74b and 75 we introduce SHM with some very simple experiments. If ultrasonic transducers or "sonic rangers" are available this is a great place to use them.

The Chapter 8 Review Sheet should be started now.

Pages 74f and 75f are about the wonderful "Periodic Motion" film produced for the PSSC by Hume and Ivey.

On pages 75c, 76, and 77 we work out the details of SHM theory. We can learn a lot about sine curves by using a graphing calculator on 75c. On 76 we use simple geometry to figure out exactly how sinusoidal functions can be differentiated. Then on 77 we use these discoveries to figure out the behavior of a simple pendulum, which brings us back to where we started in Chapter 1.

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