Chapter 11 is about capacitance.

On pages 96, 97, and 98we introduce capacitors and do some qualitative experiments with capacitors and light bulbs. You will need large electrolytic capacitors (at least 0.2 Farad) to make Xmas light bulbs glow briefly.

The Chapter 11 Review Sheet should be started now.

On pages 99 and 99Rwe use a voltmeter to slow down the charging and discharging of a capacitor to study the process in more detail. This experiment gives very high-quality results which lead to a good understanding of exponential processes and simple differential equations.

On pages 100 and 101we use the results of the capacitor experiment to create a mathematical description of capacitor behavior, i.e. the "capacitor laws".

On pages 102, 102b, 103, and 103bwe use our recent discoveries to figure out the mathematics of exponential processes in general.

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