A veteran of the Jimmy Dorsey band, George Masso was the Galvanized Jazz Band's number-one guest trombonist for our first twenty years. During that time he also toured with Benny Goodman and Woody Herman, and recorded with Bobby Hackett and the "World's Greatest Jazz Band" led by Yank Lawson and Bob Haggard, as well as other greats to numerous to mention. (For a more complete discography see George Masso on Wikipedia.

George passed away on October 22, 2019 at the Rhode Island Veterans Home. He would have been 93 in November.

GJB 83-88 is a compilation of performances by George with the GJB, all recorded at the Millpond Taverne between 1983 and 1988 with Fred Vigorito on cornet, Noel Kaletsky on clarinet and saxophones, Bill Sinclair on piano, Joel Schiavone on banjo, Art Hovey on bass and tuba and Bob Bequillard on drums. Click HERE to see the review of this CD which appeared in the January 2020 issue of the Syncopated Times.

To hear sample tracks in MP3 format click on "Lassus Trombone" or "Body and Soul" in the tune list below:

Lassus Trombone
The Faithful Hussar
I Would do Anything for You
Blue Turning Grey Over You
Is it True What They Say About Dixie
Canal Street Blues
Body and Soul
Doctor Jazz
It Had To Be You
I'm Coming, Virginia (George on piano with bass & drums)
New Orleans
Dippermouth Blues
Indian Love Call
Riverboat Shuffle

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