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  • On October 8 we'll be back at Aunt Chilada's from 6 to 8 PM with Fred Vigorito, Russ Whitman, Charlie Freeman, Art Hovey, Jim Fryer, and Tom Palinko. The GJB has performed monthly at Aunt Chilada's (usually on the second or third Sunday of the month) since July of 2009 with the exception of the Covid year. Known since 1993 as the best Mexican restaurant in the greater New Haven area, Aunt Chilada's is located at 3931 Whitney Avenue, just a couple of miles north of Sleeping Giant in Hamden, beside the golf course. Seating is somewhat limited; please call 203-230-4640 to reserve a table or a seat at the bar. There is no cover charge, and no minimum. We'll be there again on November 12 with Molly Sayles and Mark Vigorito, and again on December 10 with guests to be announced., and December 10. Click HERE for Jean Hadley's review of a not-quite-recent session.

  • We'll be back at Florida's Suncoast Jazz Festival in Clearwater Beach, November 17 - 19, with special guests Jane Campedelli, Bob Price, Neil DeFeo, Molly Sayles, Mark Vigorito, and Allan Vache. Please visit the Suncoast website (linked above) for details about how you can support us and the festival.

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  • Tom Artin with the GJB Tom Artin passed away on July 25, 2023. He was a frequent guest trombonist with the GJB at the Millpond Tavern in Northford CT for abut 25 years, then another 10 at the ChowderPot in Branford, and then monthly for another 12 years as our regular trombonist at Aunt Chilada's in Hamden. He also worked with the Smithsonian Jazz Repertory Ensemble, the Louis Armstrong Alumni All-Stars, the World of Jelly Roll Morton, and the Eddie Condon All-Stars. The music on this CD was recorded during a typical Sunday night at the Millpond Tavern in 1985, featuring Tom's trombone along with Fred Vigorito on cornet, Noel Kaletsky on clarinet & sax, Art Hovey on bass & tuba, special guest Merrill Doucette on piano, Bob Bequillard on drums and Joel Schiavone on banjo. Previously released as GJB 11/3/85, this recording has been slightly edited to bring out Tom's playing. For more information about this and our many other CDs please visit the Recordings section of this website.

  • REMEMBERING NOEL is a compilation of performances by Noel Kaletsky with the GJB, all recorded in performances between 1983 and 1996 by Noel with the Galvanized Jazz Band, illustrating his memorable playing styles. Most of them can be heard on CDs and cassettes previously issued, but here they are edited to focus more on Noel. Every track on this CD features Fred Vigorito on cornet, Art Hovey on bass & tuba, and Bob Bequillard on drums. Bill Sinclair is on piano except for two numbers with Merrill Doucette and one with David Paquette. Howard Alden's guitar and Dirck Spicer's vibraphone are heard on two tracks, Joel Schiavone's banjo is heard on several, Gim Burton's is on one, and Jimmy Mazzy's banjo and vocal are on the final track. The trombonists include Tom Artin, Craig Grant, Joel Helleny, Jerry Zigmont, Jim Fryer, and Nick Carella. Click on the photo at the right for details. All profits from sales of this CD will go to Noel's family. For more information about this and our many other CDs please visit the Recordings section of this website.

  • In addition to the events listed above, members of the GJB are still working with various other groups. Please visit the "OTHER GIGS" section of this website for information about those activities.

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  • An Early History of the Galvanized Jazz Band appeared in the July 2021 issue of the Syncopated Times. The second installment, The Millpond Years is in the August issue. The third part, After The Millpond Years, is in the October 2021 issue. Non-subscribers can see each of them by clicking on the blue lettering.

  • Over in Holland Gerard Bielderman has published a very complete Galvanized Jazz Band Discography describing our recordings on LP, cassette, and CD, including some that even we didn't know about. Gerard has already published discographies of many other well-known bands and performers; we are honored to be included among them. (Ours is listed in the "Swinging American" section of his website.)

  • Eric Devine has posted many videos from the last few Hot Steamed Jazz Festivals. Here are a few of the GJB:

    When Your're Smiling
    If I Had You
    Big Lip Blues
    See Your Mama
    Fidgety Feet
    A Good Man is Hard to Find
    Royal Garden Blues
    I Almost Lost My Mind
    Rose of Washington Square
    Big Lip Blues
    Bring Me Sunshine
    I'm Gonna Lock My Heart
    Yama Yama Man
    More GJB videos:

  • Marce Enright's New England Traditional Jazz website has undergone extensive revisions and improvements. Videos of many recent events are being added; be sure to check it out!

  • To contact us, send an email to Fred: vigorjazz@aol.com
    or give him a call: (203)453-5916


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