Chapter 10 is about how the current through a device depends on the voltage across it.

On pages 90 and 91we start with a simple experiment with resistors and light bulbs, and then begin figuring out the behavior of series and parallel resistor combinations. Page 90b has some more interesting review problems about electrical energy and power.

The Chapter 10 Review Sheet should be started now.

On pages 92, 92b, and 93 we introduce "conductance" to simplify the parallel resistor combination formula, we figure out how to reduce the sensitivity of an ammeter, we figure out how a battery's terminal voltage must depend on current, we discover the difference between voltage and emf, and the difference between static and dynamic resistance.

On pages 94 and 94bwe practice using the new concepts; then on p. 95 we figure out how resistors, shunts, and galvanometers are combined to make ammeters and voltmeters.

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